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How to Download Apex Legends Mobile Beta APK+Obb

 Apex Legends Mobile APK+Obb Apex Legends Mobile closed beta is Out. Some of you might not be able to download it from the play store so here's the Apk and OBB file of apex legends mobile beta. Follow the instruction to download and install to play- 1. Download the Apk ( Download here ) 2.Download the OBB ( Download here ) 3. Run the Apk 4.wait for the error message to appear then close it. Before you close make sure to give permission to mic or other things it asks like every app asks go to the folder where you have downloaded the OBB file and rename it by just Deleting the.ZIP extension, it should look like this now- 6.Copy the OBB file 7. Go to android, Obb Folder, there you will find apex legends folder 8 Paste it there and Play. 9. Enjoy the game.
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Story of Omen ,Valorant Agent Lore

 Backstory of Omen Omen is an agent in valorant who has a really sad backstory. I hope every one of you will like it. Omen was a human once. His name was Fred. He used to work in Kingdom Corporation. He knows viper (Sabine) and they both used to work together on the same project in Kingdom corp. Omen was a scientist and researcher, Viper was a chemist who works in the Kingdom lab to experiment with new things with radianite. They were working on a project to transfer abilities and create something new and more powerful. The experiment went horribly wrong. Before the experiment viper had the healing ability. When the experiment went wrong Omen sacrificed himself to save Viper and others in the lab. As a result, his physical body was completely ripped apart. Viper also becomes a monster and poisonous. Omen no longer has a true physical body and does not exist in the same way that other agents do. He is in a superposition of existing everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Whenever Omen

Backstory of Cypher Valorant Agent Lore

Backstory Of Cypher Cypher is an Agent in Valorant. We can call him Radiant also. After the First Light event on earth in the year, 2050 everything changed. Science, technology, earth, environment everything. The only thing that was important in this new earth is radianite.  Kingdom, the biggest corporation on earth after the event has most of the radianites. Which they use to test in their lab to build new things, try in on human beings to give them abilities, superhuman powers, heal the wounded people. They also bring back some dead people too. Valorant is an organization that works under Kingdom. They hire the most talented people on earth who have unique abilities or powers and who are the best at their work. They need those agents to protect the radianite and do some other work for Kingdom. Cypher works under valorant. But he was an assassin, a contract killer before. He was an engineer and hacker also who works on new weaponry and equipment. He is from Morocco and his real name i

Story of Valorant and All agent, Valorant Lore

 Here's the Story of Valorant Valorant is a 5vs5 character-based tactical shooter game. Each character with its unique abilities. Well most of us don't know the story of this game. So Here's everything we know the story of valorant and agents. The Story of Valorant takes place in the near future on earth. A massive event happened and changed the earth completely. So many people lost their lives in that event. The event was called First Light. The event happened in the year 2050. Air, Water, Environment, technology everything changed after that event. The earth was changed completely. The only thing that was keeping the earth and its living thing alive after that event was Radianite . Radianite is a very powerful thing with which you can do so many things. You can have superhuman powers, you can make any impossible thing possible with radianite with the help of science and technology.  A big corporation Named Kingdom has control over almost all the Radianite on earth. After

Download Apex Legends Mobile Beta Next Week In India and Philippines

 Apex Legends Mobile Beta Will Out Next Week Apex Legends is finally releasing its mobile version. The Game will be free to play and the closed beta test will start next week. The Closed beta will be available for a few thousand people for now and the beta will be available only in two regions- India and the Philippines. Pre-Register here-  Pre-Register The beta will be available for Android devices only, for now, later they will expand to more regions as well as it will be available for ios devices also. The game is developed by the same Apex Legends team with some experts in mobile game development to lead the creation of Apex Legends Mobile. Playstore Images-  The game will not have a cross-play feature with Pc or Console. The Beta Will out by end of this month i.e. April. Stay tuned for the Beta download link and More info.